Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All the day gone

This time of year is hard to get used to... with the sun coming up later, and the day getting dark by 6pm. I always have trouble with it.
This year i decided to switch my schedule up a bit so that i can get home earlier to enjoy some sunlight. (My office doesn't have windows. boo.) Hence, Saturdays turn out to be extra special.
But Eric and I do enjoy the dark evenings- it forces us to stay inside and get things done, like clean our house. And write this post :) Any good ideas of fun things to do indoors?


Steph and Brock said...

good for you for getting home earlier....that's a great idea. I like your Illustrator pics/text. I need to pick your brain on illustrator tips. maybe when we are out for Thanksgiving we can do a "tell all class". lol

Jacquelyn said...

i agree steph. and make a quilt or something jenn.

Jenn said...

haha jack, i would love to make a quilt. but you make it sound like i can just bust one out. no, i need lots of help with that one. :)

selena said...

Uuum scrabble? or twister might be fun! I struggle with the cold, dark, poopy months too Jenn! Sorry, no good indoor ideas.