Sunday, November 1, 2009

a bump in the night...

Halloween started out with a bang this year in the form of a race. A Halloween half marathon. Dressing up is part of the deal. Yippee! (Jess, I think people are catching on to the dress-up race that you promote every year.) 
Well the race was down provo canyon, and it turned out to be perfect weather.
Then, of course dressing up for a Halloween party. Jackie and Kyle came up with a great idea. They put a lot of time into making a scavenger hunt throughout Orem of all the creepy places. Ted Bundy. Yikes! We all raced around Orem to get the tokens of each spot. It was lots of fun. 

Scrabble pieces.
Dennis the Menace and Margaret. Mimes.
Up characters. Carmen Sandiego


Jourdan said...

Those are some fabUlous costumes. Great job to everyone!

Karalee said...

Oooo Fun! Or should I say Boooo Fun! Costumes all look great.

Sarah said...

Those are some sweet costumes!

Karin said...