Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lovin in My Babys Eyes

I never really knew about Taj Mahal until i met Eric. He loves this musician... and even wants to name our first boy Taj. (?) Anyway, Jenna Bush used it as her wedding song- she may have good taste afterall. I made Eric play it for me last night for FHE. He played it for Shan's benefit concert last summer.
I wanted the real Taj here, but it was a little choppy. So just ignore the weird text and enjoy the music:)


Jacquelyn said...

That's cool.
Honestly I never even knew this man existed. I thought it was place? Am I totally dumb?

Jenn said...

No it is a place. Taj Mahal is also a mausoleum in India... remember. I guess this guy was named after it??? haha.

Aub said...

hahaha what an interesting name! hey i love that song though it is so cute!