Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sagebrush Royale

On Friday night Eric's band played at the Owl Bar up at Sundance. They play a lot of older songs, and Kelly, the band "head" writes a bunch as well. It was their latest gig after playing at our wedding. They have a show for another wedding coming up, and a fourth-of-July gig as well. These guys practice every Thursday night down in our basement, and blow our neighbor's socks off! haha.
I tried to stay til the end, but they didn't get done til 1:30!

Eric's a pretty sweet guitarist... just like Keith Richards:)



J & K said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!

julie williams said...

Hi Jen,
How fun for Eric and the band...and what a good wife you are to support him. We love you guys and hope all is well. Our weather has been crazy down here... the high temp the past 2 days has been 65 and raining!! Not typically Arizona May weather. Normally it's at least 100. I helped host a 6th grade party for Nicole and her friends yesterday for end of school and it rained through our whole pool party which would've been ok if the weather had been warmer than 60- they seemed to have a good time anyways! Take care and we'll talk with you soon

The Norton Family said...

Jennie!! your blog is so cute! check mine out! bradenandskyler.blogspot.com
skyler rudd norton

Steph&Brock said...

sounds fun! So when are you and Eric coming to Denver again? Are you still taking the train? Keep me posted. love ya