Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a good run.

On Saturday i went for a good run in the morning. I haven't been running very much lately, and i was surprised at how good i felt. Anyway... there were a few reasons why my run was so good.
So first off, i usually don't like running to music because i like to think when i run. Let's just say i had a really good thinking session, I got to break in my new shoes, i counted 8 garage sales... i was entertained the whole time. But the best part of my run was that i found a whole ten dollar bill on the road! I wish i could make money from working out more often. And when i got home, to my surprise, my neighbor was having a garage sale too. (Do people really make money doing that?)

A couple of runs in Hawaii were by far the best i've ever had...(remember acai Care? and the lookout at sunrise?) but this money-making one came pretty close.

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Aub said...

yeah remember how i was always left in the wind ? You girls didn't know but i really had a secret love living in turtle bay that i had to visit! That's why i got so far behind!