Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Eric has had a long couple of weeks. He's been in Colorado covering the World Cup. I got to stay with him in Aspen for the long Thanksgiving weekend, then took a long train ride back to Utah to be alone for a week - until Eric could rejoin me.
Aspen was so neat. You could see the race hill from the little village, and hear all the cow bells jangling. Aspen was like a Christmas wonderland: snow, skiing, hot cocoa, hot tubs, warm socks, and lots of Christmas lights at night in a little town.
A beautiful place to ski.

This is a shot from Eric. He was allowed to go down the race course before the events. Sometimes they are VERY icy and steep... makes me wonder how those racers go down the hill 80+ miles per hour. Yikes!

Lovely Christmas Song- Ron Sexsmith


Jacquelyn said...

i for some reason can't see your first and last pictures. weird. i want to see your finished knitted cowl you did on the train. bring it on sunday.

Carrie B. said...

Oh man, that looks like heaven. What a fun christmas/winter trip!