Wednesday, November 10, 2010

one for the williams team

Dear Eric,
Thank you for giving me a victory hug when the Jazz beat the Heat last night. I love how you have turned me into a Jazz fan, Giants fan, Phil Mickelson fan, and Lindsey Vonn fan. I smiled when I came home from work yesterday- you were working in the yard wearing your "lumberjack" shirt. You always stop the lawn mower to come give me a kiss. I appreciate that. :) Thank you for putting your books away to help me make dinner... cuz let's be honest, you're better at it than me. What did I do right to get three Saturdays of you making me breakfast? I think you turned me into a winter lover. My cold feet are eternally grateful to be warmed under your legs at night, even though i know you hate it. Thank you Eric for making me a more positive person. I love empanadas too. I am a better person because of you. And a better skier. 
Love, Jenn


Jacquelyn said...

cute. gotta love us some proctor coldy tosey's. :) Eric sure is a good guy.

Williams Family said...

I hope Becky does not see this. Eric is making be look real bad.