Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make me a cake...

We both had birthdays this fall. Eric was very kind to me and spoiled me a bit too much. (I was ok with it though). We spent the weekend up in Park City to celebrate both birthdays since they are only a couple weeks apart. Dinner at Zoom... so Eric could get some ceviche that is soooo divine there. Gallery stroll, Trolly ride, a run through the country side in the morning and plenty of zzzz's. Perfect.
I can hardly believe we are the age we are. Not that we don't deserve it. But time is flying by. I am so grateful for Eric, he means the world to me and every year I love him more. 
We both had great birthdays this year with lots of love from family and friends. We are blessed.


Jacquelyn said...

you do the cutest posts. I know, i swear life just goes by faster the older we get. 25? really? So glad you were able to take a little escape. you guys work waaay too hard. love ya.

nick and camie said...

HA! Beat ya! In Korea I'm 25. (They add on a year to your age... well, they just start counting sooner I huess.) So I already kinda feel 25. Anyway, I'm glad you both had good birthdays!