Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jackson Town

Surprise Lake, Teton National Park. Wyoming

Eric and I ventured up to the Tetons a couple of weekends ago. We grabbed our gear and headed into "bear country". The hike was up to a beautiful lake. It was pretty steep and long, so we were exhausted when we got to camp. We made a simple yet tasty dinner next to the lake as the sun set, and then crawled into our sleeping bags around 8:30. We haven't been to bed that early for years... and it was sooo nice. Woke before the sun broke over the peaks and headed up to another lake in the quiet morning. We were suddenly surrounded by deer- they didn't seem to care we were there. It was so peaceful to be high up in the mountains and enjoy all the surroundings with E.roy. I felt completely recharged.

Jackson was/is always a fun spot to hang out. We explored it for an evening and then went river rafting down the Snake the next day. It was a delightful trip. (glad we didn't run into any bears).


Jacquelyn said...

We actually did surprise lake too. I'm so glad you guys had a great trip. Glad there were no bears. Ok you guys were smart to take beanies... it's cold up there.

Aub said...

awesome pictures! it looks like a lot of fun!

nick and camie said...

thats sweet. how was the river? we went through jackson recently and stopped to sit on the rocks and watch people paddle through lunch counter. we also saw this dude surfing the wave. his hippy girlfriend came and sat by us to watch him. next thing i know she is behind us doing weird yoga moves. we kindly excused ourselves after that.
your adventures sound like an awesome time!

Shanny Lou said...

hey. coool pictures.

cool face.

miss it.