Sunday, February 7, 2010

Believe in Steven!

Ah, we're getting pretty excited for the Olympics around here. Eric will be gone for the next three weeks, and then i'll go meet up with him over the weekend. We've never been to Vancouver, but we've heard it's beautiful. I've always wanted to see those beautiful ski-destination mountains in Whistler, and I'm even more excited to be cheering our home boy on, Steven Nyman. He races on Saturday. Wish him luck, He is one fast skier! 

found this picture of when Eric was younger. Probably high school. After a couple years of marriage i think i understand his passion for skiing a little better. I can just picture him and his buds sitting around waiting for the first snow of the year, devising plans to get the most skiing in each week. Goggle tan lines, hours spent waxing and tuning, skip-school powder days, living the dream. He makes me chuckle. 


Jacquelyn said...

i believe! :) you'll have fun. too bad i can't fit in your suitcase.

procrock said...

What's up with the guys face in the background of our picture?! Is he bleeding, lol?? Anyway, have fun in Canada, take lots of pictures!