Thursday, January 21, 2010

ski utah

We are big fans of the snow. Especially skiing... It makes the winter months go by so much better. I love to get up in the mountains- no matter what the activity is. Brett and Selena took little Madi up skiing to Sundance. I'm sure it was funny to see her pink, puffy body do the "pizza" and me try to stop her from shooting down the mountain, while i tried with all my might to do snow plow behind her. I never knew skiing with a kid attached to you could be so exhausting! A great bum workout fyi :)
Here's to many more beautiful snowy days ahead! Let it snow.


Jacquelyn said...

how cute! i love it. so glad you were all able to meet up. I bet Madeline LOVED it!. You guys inspire us to enjoy the winter months. ;)

Mark and Audrey said...

Beautiful pictures!

Tay said...

It's Aub:
Looking at that first picture makes me so very homesick! I really do love the snow - It snowed like two in. here and EVERYTHING shut down! I don't think there is a single plow in the whole state of cali