Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm back. and so is Eric! Sorry to not inform you that he returned home safe and sound, with plenty of chocolate.
I was so lucky to get my Royboy back- on Valentines night. What the perfect gift. And I will admit that I missed him more than I thought... so I took a "vacation" and caught up on life with that boy. 

Here's what he was up to in France:

Not so sure you can get any better than that. 

But Eric did work very hard. These are only some of the "fun" pictures he has. The rest are of him in the press room and in the chateau and on bus rides.

He got to meet all those great athletes like Lindsay Vonn and Ted Ligety. He did a really cool story on a skier from Napal.  
An experience of a lifetime. And I'm very glad he's back.

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Karin said...

Yeah for having your hubby back! It sounds like he has quite the job. That is awesome.