Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter Activities

This winter was a cold and snowy one! But I was able to do a lot of fun things because of that snow. It was also fun to work up at Sundance with Eric. I worked down there (in a cafe)

and he worked up here (on the mountain.)
He would drop by and eat lunch with me, and  I would ride up to the shacks to ski with him. What a fond memory winter 2008 will be. 
A couple of weeks ago, he invited me to be in a dog hole with him. The avalanche dogs are trained to find buried people in the snow, and this is just a practice. So we got put in a hole for about 10 minutes and Oakley unburied us. What a good dog!! (One more reason why i want a dog:)... they can save lives!)

Games We Played:

Eric played hockey a couple of times this winter with all the ski patrollers and I tried a new sport... skate skiing. Soooo much fun. If you enjoy road biking, then this is like the "road-biking" of skiing. It's a bit of a workout- actually that's like all it is, with a few down hills to enjoy. It was a super warm day with Shan. We took a lesson and headed out on our own for one of my funnest days this winter. Way fun. I recommend everyone should try it. 

They're a good laugh!

t-shirt skiing!!


Aub said...

Dang! you guys are so cool! i think i would freak out a couple times if i sat in a snow hole for even one minute!

Jeana said...

Can you pass on some of your adventurism to me? I need it. How fun. Miss you guys!