Monday, March 3, 2008


After our long wedding day we headed south to Mexico! 
It was the best vacation after so much stress. 
We stayed just outside of Playa Del Carmen in an all-inclusive beach 
resort called Blue Bay. Oh my, it was wonderful. 

We got there Saturday evening and just chilled by the beach and had dinner. 
Then Sunday was just more relaxing at the pool and beach. 
We went on an excursion Monday to Tulum, a Mayan ruin, and went snorkeling and zip-lining and biking. 
Tuesday we headed into Playa Del Carmen and walked around town and got some authentic fish tacos. 
Our last day we just soaked it all in. Went kayaking and swimming and discovered some cookies at the buffet:)
We got home Thursday at 1 in the morning!!! (I had class at 8am)
I need to go back there!

Mexico is beautiful! And the people are so humble!

Being at the beach every night is the most relaxing thing ever!

The ocean is sooo blue, and there's tons of history there.

See, now do you understand why i need to go back? As well as everyone else for that matter?


J & K said...

It looks so beautiful there!! Maybe someday I will go! Looks like you had fun!!

Steph&Brock said...

Hi Jen! Mexico looks so nice! Guess what, I finally started my own blog..