Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm Engaged!!

Friday Eric told me that his friend Pete and his wife wanted to go see the lights at temple square on Sunday night. cool. Well when Sunday night came and we were driving up there, Pete called and bailed on us. We had decided earlier that we should go see the Energy Solutions Arena and check it out for maybe having a reception there. So we walked around temple square for awhile and watched a movie in the visitor center. Then we headed over to the arena. His dad called earlier to let the security guards know we were coming. we went up to the top floor and it was beautiful seeing the city lights through the large glass windows. There was a table over in the corner with candles on it, and i thought that was really weird and told him we should go blow them out. Who lights candles and leaves them burning all night? Eric thought it would be cool to sit down at the table, but i wanted to go see the room we were thinking of having our reception in, so i started to walk off, but Eric was already taking off his coat. Ok. So, i sat down and looked around. It was pretty cool. (still had no idea what he was up to) and then he asked if he could play me a song on the guitar that was over in the corner. Wow, a guitar. That's pretty cool. Of course you can play me a song, you don't ever have to ask silly! (still no idea.) Then once he brought it over and started to get it out it all clicked!! oh my heck he was proposing! AHHH! So Eric played me a song that he wrote while i sat there and smiled. Then he asked me. simple. happy. perfect. 

I'm going to marry that boy February 22, 2008.

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