Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 was good

2010 was good to us. It brought so many wonderful memories to treasure. Eric went to the Olympics in Vancouver to work and I got to visit him. We skied our hearts out that winter, and then got on our bikes when the weather permitted and rode some beautiful rides. We went to Lake Powell and Moab with the Proctor clan, and then Eric and I went to Jackson and hiked the Tetons. We hopped over to Colorado a few times and also went to our first rodeo together. I ran a half marathon in October and won women's overall for our small triathlon we do every year Kamas. Eric and I ran the MudRun with some friends in Midway. We went to a few outdoor concerts and watched the Jazz any chance we could. We finished our basement- Well, mostly Eric finished the basement, and we worked on some projects around the house. We both helped each other through our busy seasons of work and made some delicious meals together.
All these adventures and memories, and I'm so glad I have someone I love that I can share them with. That's what makes me the happiest. 
Here's to a good 2011. . .

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Lisa Michelle said...

Psh! "Small triathalon?!" Women's overall winner?! You amaze me, Jenn. :)