Thursday, July 23, 2009

new kitchen

remember our old kitchen... all brown?Well, after many hours of sanding and painting/staining and installing, we have a lovely new place to dance in our socks.
  • We sanded and painted the cabinets and installed knobs
  • Sanded the floor and re-stained it a dark brown.
  • Painted the walls yellow and the countertop backboard brown.
Thanks Eric, for all your hard work!! (Isn't he a stud muffin?)


Brad said...

Yes. Eric is, and I have always considered him to be, a stud muffin.

Steph and Brock said...

thanks for finally posting this for me ;) looks amazing, you guys did a great job. and i love the yellow paint.

The Campbell Clan said...

Looks great! Your white cabinets are lovely. way to go!

selena said...

Loooove it! I need to come see it in person.