Friday, May 15, 2009

Love Birds

This past weekend we went to Logan for my good friend's wedding. The weather was perfect, the tulips were in full bloom, I got to see all my great friends, and we even got to visit with Eric's brother and his family outside of Logan. But it was so wonderful to be there for Camie and Nick's wedding. It was so lovely.I took a lot of pictures because i just couldn't get over how creative it was. Those two have great artistic taste. Their wedding was so unique... They did it around birds and feathers. Everything was in shades of blue with feathers in the bride's maid's hair and birds hanging behind the line. Nick painted some neat paintings that really added to the room. My favorite part was the two little love birds in a white cage. So cool, I loved it!


Jacquelyn said...

I love how my belly fits perfectly next to Cam's curvaceous body. haha. And yes, everything was so beautiful. I'm glad you took a lot of pictures.

Steph and Brock said...

These pics are great!

nick and camie said...

I never thanked you for this lovely post. Thank you.