Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gone Like a Freight Train

Today was a sad day for me. My best bud left me for ten whole days!
Eric is in Val d'Isere France covering the world cup. He is going to have so much fun in that BEAUTIFUL country. (i should have snuck in his bag when i had the chance.) But eric knew i was going to be sad so he made me an egg count down. YES! I don't know what the eggs are all about, but i sure am excited to open one every day. :) What a pal he is.


Matt, Karin, Sienna, and Sadie said...

That is so cute. What does your husband do? Sounds like a fun job.

Jacquelyn said...

Oh jenn, come sleep over at my place and I'll kick Kyle out to go play the wii with his lil bro's.