Monday, January 5, 2009


What a wonderful year. We got married, i learned how to play the uke. Eric and i went to Mexico and Peru. We traveled all over southern Utah. Went on many bike rides and participated in many races and went skiing. Eric's band played a lot. We enjoyed our first garden, and learned how to can. And had many fun family get-togethers. Oh i loved 2008.


selena said...

So cute Jen! I want to steal that sweater party idea! So funny! Did you guys just laugh at everyone as they arrived? There were some good ones! Love you lil poem too! xo

Jourdan said...

Just commented on Jenn's blog, but I wanted to tell you too. I am always inspired when I come here. You girls rock!

And I am very jealous of all the fun places you've gone/things you've done your first year married. Keep it comin' (so I can live through you)!

Jourdan said...

Drat. I meant Jack's. I DO know you apart. Doh.