Sunday, December 14, 2008


Day 1: we got into Cusco early Friday morning and headed up to a little school in the mountains. that's where we dropped off our kits of school supplies for the munchkins. they were so excited. I couldn't really communicate, so i was very grateful to have eric by my side. I was so humbled by their lifestyle. these people have absolutely nothing, and are the sweetest on earth. I would love to donate to the school again. (it's called Peru's Challenge- you can read all about their project.)

Day 2: We walked around Cusco and checked out the museums and cathedrals... and slept. (we had long plane rides and didn't get much sleep the last two days.) Cusco is an amazing city... with 11,000 ft in elevation.
Day 3: Sunday. we went to a cusco church. It was neat to meet the missionaries and watch the young women put on a sacrament program. (thanks eric for translating for an hour... even though natural divinity is supposed to be divine nature... ha.) Then we went to a little town called Pisac and found this amazing market. it was huge. there was so much handmade stuff your eyes would fall out. and i got sick on the bus ride back. sweet. 

Day 4-5: Machu Picchu! yay. We took a 3 hour train ride to Aguas Calientas and started our hike around 10am. the trail was very steep. we hiked for 7 hours with a lunch break, and a guided tour through some terraces we fell upon. Our guide was very nice. He took pictures of us and showed me 100 orchids along the way. we got to the sun gate and to see Macchu Picchu from a different view that not many people get to see. It was absolutely unreal. i wanted to cry. the vastness of it was breathtaking. there were clouds hanging around us and the sun was starting to set. I can not even tell you what it was like- you will just have to go experience it yourself. 
We stayed in the little town (aguas calientas) along the river that night. (it reminded me of my little town Ketchikan) I think it was my favorite of the whole trip. (and if i went back i would stay there the longest amount possible.) We checked out Macchu Picchu again the next day, and hiked up Wyna- picchu way faster than was told it would take, probably because we were so buff from our hike before. :) (that is a sweet view as well) 
Our train ride home we met a fun LDS family picking up their son. we talked to them the whole way back. what a small world.
Day 6-9: the jungle. We got up and flew to Puerto Maldonado. then we took a river boat to Corto Maltez (a sweet jungle resort) they fed us every meal- absolutely delicious. and took us on fun adventures everyday. we saw crazy monkeys on monkey island and hiked out to a lake and went piranha fishing. We saw lots of jungle animals and went caiman hunting at night. We stayed in a fun bungalow with hammocks on the porch and bug nets around our bed. But don't expect to sleep past 5am with the birds squakin.

Day 10: Lima. we met up with the Chinchays (family friends). They took us around Lima. we went to the beach, to the park, the plaza, and then to the temple. The temple was such a neat site. people caravaned from all over Peru to get there. it was like a mini temple square in the middle of this crazy city. it made me appreciate my home/ life once again. Marilou and Marisol were the cutest. i'm so glad i finally got to meet them. I just wish i could have communicated with them better. 

I had so much fun Perusing with E.Roy. i came home with an even greater appreciation for my life and all that i have. It made me want to speak another language, and see more of the world. We had a great time. But thank goodness for coke and chess, huh Eric?


Ashley said...

Jenn you look so great and I am completely jealous. If E has any friends send them my way, wink.

It seems like you had the most amazing trip. You'll have to remember it forever.

Love ya

Steph and Brock said...

WOW, these pics are so incredible. Looks like you guys had a great time. I want to go!

Can't wait to see you next week.

Aub said...

holy cow what an adventure! what an experience to visit such a different culture!

Jacquelyn said...

totally cool Jenn. The pictures are just rad!

Sarah said...

What an incredible experience- and amazing photos! I had some supplies to send with you... maybe next time:)