Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christo and Jeanne's New Project

In my art history class we learned about Christo's art and his new project. I have always liked his art because it is so different. "The effect is astounding. To be in the presence of one of these artworks is to have your reality rocked. You see things you have never seen before. You also get to see the fabric manifest things that cannot usually be seen, like the wind blowing, or the sun reflecting in ways it had not before." Their next project is in Colorado (Steph, you should go help them put it up... they will be hiring soon.) It looks awesome. It's going to be over the Arkansas River. sweet.

(If I had to plan the Olympic ceremonies I would hire these guys.)

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Jacquelyn said...

Cool. I love his wrappings. and I didn't know about his new project.