Monday, July 21, 2008

Thomas Earl Petty

Saturday, we got up and headed into Denver. The drive was beautiful! We passed through Veil and a bunch of ski towns. We finally got to the festival around noon. It was spread out through a few soccer fields with about six stages for various bands. Mofro was AWESOME, as well as Josh Ritter. Citizen Cope was in the heat of the day and very mellow, so that didn't go well for me. Around six o'clock we decided to take a rest and watch Michael Franti from a hill- the crowd was unreal for him. Hundreds of people were jumping up and down with their hands up. We went and camped out for Tom Petty about an hour and a half early. We were about thirty yards away. 
When he finally came out, the crowd went wild. There were so many people it was impossible to even guess. But he was incredible!! I don't think i've ever been to a more rockin concert. I could not even tell you how great it was to see this impressive American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. If you ever get the chance, you most definitely should go see this long hair, 57 year old legend. 
Shannon is his probably biggest fan i know of. She's been to 4-5 concerts and was totally in heaven that night. It was fun to dance next to this little hippie:)
Thanks to:
Steph, Brock, Boston, Rylee for a place to crash Friday night. And breakfast Sat. morn.
Eric and Alex for driving.
Autumn for your generous banana. :)
Deanna for the straw hat that saved me from heat stroke.
Eric for the smoothie that revived me.
Heather and Josh for your hospitality and the shower Saturday night/morning. 
and all the friends that came and played with us.


Jacquelyn said...

looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I'm really jealous. :)

Ashley said...

So fun! I'm also jealous. P.S. We need another SUU bridal shower for shelby, yes?