Friday, June 20, 2008

No School Much Summer

School finally ended for me last week and the weekend was a great way to kick off my summer.
Cam and Jess came down from Utah State and we had a little shin-dig at Care's house. Eric and i went to the Bee's game that night and he took some sweet pictures of the fireworks. I have about 2 months of freedom (with work still) until my studies begin again. Here's to the summer!


julie williams said...

enjoy your summer break! sounds like things are good for you and happy to hear that. we are off to the beach for 2 weeks-a much needed break...this heat is killing me not to mention making me puff up!! take care and tell Eric hi-love ya

Steph&Brock said...
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Steph&Brock said...

yeah for summer! Good job with finishing up school this're getting close.