Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I heart Eric

Reasons why I love this boy

1. He works full time and comes home to hang things up for me and spend time with me.
2. He can make anyone laugh. The check out lady, the waitress, his family, my family, me all the time.
3. He is the most motivated person i have ever met. He tries anything he wants.
4. Eric is all boy. He skis, bikes, camps, and climbs. 
5. He can read the weather.
6. He is genuine. He is 100% Eric no matter what. 
7. Teaches me things all the time. He is full of random facts... he's a great tour guide!
8. Eric takes me places i've never been before.
9. I'm pretty sure he is the biggest Jazz fan.
10. He is trustworthy.
11. He is everything precious to me.


Jacquelyn said...

cute! :)

J & K said...

Jenn- I totally love your picture up by your ABOUT ME section!! You were the cutest little kid!! I miss those cheeks!!

julie williams said...

I agree with you on all those great qualities Eric has. He is a good person and so are you. We feel as lucky to have you in our family. I've never seen Eric love someone like he does you. The first time I met you at Powell I knew you were it because he was so different with you...he loves you so much! I love you too Jen!!

Aub said...

how sweet! Eric is one lucky guy! and it sounds like you are a pretty lucky girl too, jen! You two are just perfect for eachother!