Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Abbie Warnock

Abbie is an amazing photographer. When we were trying to decide who to choose for our wedding photographer, Eric suggested his friend Abbie Warnock. I went to her site and immediately loved her work. She has taken many pictures of our friends and their families. One thing i really like about her is that her photographs are very unique. They are very artistic- she touches up every single photo, and really captures the feeling. 

You can go to her myspace to see more of her work. She posted some of our wedding pictures as well- which look absolutely amazing! You can view them here.
Thanks a million Abbie!!


Jeana said...

your wedding pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them. YOu make a very cute couple.

J & K said...

those pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved every single one of them!!!